The Iron Maiden Years


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This is the life of an Iron Maiden roadie from 1978 to 1984. From the early days of endless rehearsals and the Ruskin Arms, to the recording of Powerslave. You too can travel with Steve "Loopy" Newhouse, one of the original Killer Krew, through the many band changes, beers, laughs, tears, problems, beers, tours, albums and more beers.

This is the true story, based on bad memory and diary notes, of what we did, and where and when it happened. Sex, drugs and rock n' roll as has never been told in any official Iron Maiden document.

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"131. STEVE ‘LOOPY’ NEWHOUSE’s “LOOPYWORLD: THE IRON MAIDEN YEARS” (2016). + A trip down Memory Lane for The Quill. Book review. When Steve ‘Loopy’ Newhouse told me he was writing a book about his time as a roadie for Heavy Metal maestros, Iron Maiden; I was very keen to have a read. "
Phil The Music Quill - www.philthequill.wordpress.com

"A roadie with Iron Maiden from their early days through to being a huge sensation, Loopy has written a compelling tale which is essential reading for fans of the genre and those who are genuinely interested in having insight into this world."
Liz Medhurst - Metaltalk.net